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90 years ago, in the year 1918, a provincial doctor (Dr. Vinluan) established an expanded clinic in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya which was officially named Bayombong Hospital in 1925. In 1972 it was renamed Major Ferdinand E. Marcos Hospital and grew from 50 to 100 then 200 bed in 1978 then the Major Ferdinad E. Marcos Veterans Regional Hospital. It was downgraded in 1986 to Nueava Vizcaya Provincial Hospital and was developed to the local government in 1993. However, through the effort of the late Congressman Leaonardo Perez it was restored back to the National on April 1, 1995 now, renamed VETERANS REGIONAL HOSPITAL with the official bed capacity of 200, a level III soon to be level IV, a teaching and training regional hospital. It was also designated by the DOH as the Trauma Center and Blood of the area and being the end referral hospital of the provinces of Nueva Vizcaya, Ifugao, Qurino and Southern Isabela. It also severs patients from Cagayan and Nueava Ecija. The hospital beds are equally divided to medicine, pediatrics, surgery and OB-GYNE beds.



All government/devolved hospitals and RHUs of Nueva Vizcaya and the provinces of Quirino, Ifugao, and southern Isabela refer their patients to VRH for emergency and in-patient tertiary care. Also patients from the private hospitals in Nueva Vizcaya (MMG and PLT) refer their patients to VRH.



VRH have specialist physicians and fellows who have undergone formal residency training in, Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, OB Gyne, Anaesthesia, Orthopaedics, Radiology/Ultrasonology, Urology, Psychiatry and Ophthalmology.

The OPD has the following OPD services:

  1. Under-5 clinic
  2. Diabetics Clinic
  3. Family Planning Clinic/ Pre-natal/ Post menopausal and Infertility
  4. Surgery- for consultations and minor surgery
  5. Physical Therapy
  6. Dental Clinic
  7. Ophthalmology
  8. Psychiatry
  9. Rheumatic Heart Disease

VRH also provides tertiary level laboratories, special X-Ray procedures and ultrasonography. The hospital pharmacy is open for 24 hours.



The hospital is led by Dr. Cirilo Galindez as Chief of Hospital III. He is supported by the members of the executive committee to wit:

Dr. Napoleon Obaña, MHA, CESe
Chief Medical Professional Staff



Mrs. Herminia Panganiban
Administrative Officer


Mrs. Nelia Vicente
Chief Nurse



Dr. Evelyn G. Nacionles
Chief Training Officer



This committee meets every Monday at 10:00 am, minutes duly taken and implements programs based on the Five(5) year Development Plan. One (1) Year Operational Plan which was done during the strategic planning in 2007. The hospital updates its annual procurement plan yearly. The 4 division- Medical, Nursing, Administrative and Training meets their staff monthly with minutes duly documented. Participatory management is applied in VRH. The hospital statistics are reported monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annually and submitted to DOH through the CHD Regional Office-02. Waste Management implementation – the hospital disposed their liquid waste through VAMED Liquid Waste Treatment Plant, Segregation of solid waste like recycling for recyclables, chemical treatment for infectious and pathological waste prior to disposal to the septic vault.



The Chief of Medical Professional staffs, Chief Nurse, Administrative Officer and Chief Training Officer compose the middle management. They recommended new policies rules and regulations to the executive committee for deliberation and approval by the Chief of Hospital For implementation. After identification of the priority problems, critical areas (ER, OR, RR, ICUs, NICU, OPD) need administrative management; thus Area Managers composed of 2 doctors, 2 nurses and 1 administrative support personnel were selected and sent to Metro Manila Medical Centers-, Heart and Lung Center, East Avenue Medical Center, Philippine Children Medical Center, Philippine Orthopedic Center and Jose Reyes Medical Center on the 1st quarter of 2008 for Inservice Training and Best Practices. These Area Managers serve as point person for the critical areas and recommended actions to be implemented by the EXECOM.

The committee of quality improvement composed of the Chief of Medical Professional Staff, Adminnistrative Officer and Chief Nurse is very active. This is headed by the CMPS (Dr. Obaña) now implementing Rational Drug use and Infection control Program of the hospital. The Administrative Division thru the Waste Management Committee is implementing the Formula Kontra Bantot Program which ensures cleanliness and orderliness in the hospital. The nursing division is implementing rational Management n oxygen and linen which is very important to the patients.



The VRH has 267 plantilla positions supported by 3 Medical Pool and 131 contract of services personnel.

Plantilla Position

Contract of Service

Medical Division















Based on DOH standards for a 200 tertiary bed VRH needs 50% more.



Appointments of personnel of VRH are done by COH III conferred by CHD Director and approved by Civil Service Commission Director. Screening is done in the division level (i.e. Medical Credential Committee, Nursing and Administrative Screening Committee) recommended by the Hospital Personnel Selection Board (PSB). The turn over of nurses is fast which is affect the service delivery and training of personnel.


The budget of the hospital for year 2009 is 180,112,000 for the GAA

PS= 58,996,000

MOODE= 24,019,000

CO= 67,097,000

The Hospital Income

PHIC = 17,369,164.00

Others = 24,284,786.00

41, 654,039.00


Income Utilized






Medical Supplies
Mandatory Expenses


Repair and Maintenance


Other MOOE






VRH has HBAC – Hospital Bids and Awards committee actively implements the RA 9184 with updated Annual Procurement Plan and Annual Bidding for all medicines, drugs, supplies, equipment and services procured for the year post audited by the COA Resident Auditor. Sometimes canvas is done but still through the HBAC.


The Medical Staff Organization is organized with Dr. Rodolfo Hidalgo (Department of Surgery) as the president. The Medical Division is headed by Dr. Napoleon Obana, MHA, CESE which is composed of fellows, medical specialist and resident physicians. All physicians of VRH are members of the Philippines Medical Associations and accredited by Philhealth. The dept. of OB Gyne is for accreditation as training by POGS this year – 2008 also with the Laboratory Department.


The hospital pharmacy is licensed by DOH and open 24 hours. The pharmacy is headed by Pharmacist IV ably assisted by 3 permanent and 3 contractuals. Emergency drugs are available – ER, OR/DR, wards and ICUs. Drug requisitions are based on approved drug formulary passed through the active therapeutics committee and bidded by the HBAC. The pharmacy as a facility is complete with air conditioning units and computer.


Staffing is adequate because of the hired contract personnel augmenting the plantilla items. The laboratory operated 24 hours a day performing routine laboratory procedures plus blood chemistries, cellular microscopy, blood banking, blood culture and histopathology. The stuff attends CME of PAMENT and in Services Trainings sponsored by DOH and RITM.


The medical record section of VRH is well recommended by DOH Central for its orderly and effectively management of patient records.


The Dietary Section is well managed with adequate personnel, sufficient space and effective system management. Marketing is done everyday and food is served hot and timely.


The department is augmented by contractual personnel. It is headed by fellow specialist in radiology and operates 24 hours daily with w-500MA and mobile x-ray machines and ultrasounds. VRH is planning to acquire CT scan.


The nursing Division is headed by the chief Nurse supported by the Assistant Chief Nurse. The training and affiliation program of nurses of VRH is headed by the training officer of the nursing division. Because of the fast turn-over of nurses, the Chief Nurse and Nurse Training Officer coordinates for the schedule of the permanent, contractual and nurse trainees for a better succession, career path and training of nurses. Appointments of nurses are based on evaluations of the nursing division as to examination, interview, experience and tract records.


The VRH has an 11 hectares land area beautifully located along the national highway, 1 km. away from Poblacion, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. It is titled by the Registry of Deeds, concretely fenced without squatters and with plenty of trees around. Well managed by a hospital committee from the Admin Division supported by all VRH Staff planting trees yearly as part of wellness program of VRH. The buildings were constructed initially in year 1973 and survived the 1990 killer quake. Stable as they presently stand, they are well maintained and kept clean and safe for the patients, personnel and visitors.